Sunday, 7 October 2012

Teacups Teaser

I've gotten the news that it's all systems go over on All Romance Ebooks! You can now find my three titles there and hopefully by the end of this month, my fourth, Teacups & Troubles. But until then, here's a tiny, tiny taste of it:

Alexis stared at the computer screen, checking the flight information for the fourth time that hour. Her boss was due to land soon at Edinburgh Airport after his much needed holiday in Paris. Though he originally bought the trip for two, Charles ended up going alone, without his fiancée.

“What time do you leave?”

Alexis looked up, startled. Jeremy stood on the other side of the desk. She hadn’t even heard him approach.

“The car’s going to pick me up any minute now,” Alexis replied. It was only her third month with this office in Edinburgh though she worked with Charles in London for six months. The employees were still trying to figure her out. 

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