Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Writing with Friends

I've recently moved and the upheaval really put a strain on my writing. I've been finding it harder and harder to get started and stay started since I'm in between projects.

When this happens, and it happens all too often, writing with a friend often gets me back on my feet. Even though we end up chatting more than writing, we do manage some writing and usually that's enough to put me back to rights.

So, thank goodness for friends! I'm now a few thousand words into the next British & Beautiful novella, moving hopefully forward.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Up next...

While normally following a novel, I'll put out a companion novella, as I've done for the first three books, with Brogues & Babies, it's been a little different. 

I'm diving head first into a novella series, having found that I really liked doing the Flower Mystery series. I've written the first of this new series and it's just waiting to be published! The edits are done, as is the cover. 

British & Beautiful will be a novella quartet, a story in each part of Britain. Wales is up first and then England. Though I normally like setting my stories in Scotland, once this idea came to me, I couldn't shake it and I'm very pleased with how the first came out. I hope you are too!

Brogues & Babies

It's finally done! And out! Felt like it was never going to be finished but now it is, years in the making. My fourth novel, Brogues & Babies. I hope you like it!

Melissa isn't looking for a relationship when she falls into one with a tourist she meets on the street. He isn't like anyone she's dated before and quickly, she's over her head. Melissa must decide what's important to her and where love draws the line before anyone gets hurt worse.